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2000 X-Star - Can I upgrade the cockpits to 7.7" Coaxials?

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  • 2000 X-Star - Can I upgrade the cockpits to 7.7" Coaxials?

    My 2000 X-Star cockpit speakers are finally getting tossed.

    I need a new amp as well, so I wondered if, since I'm replacing the entire setup, that I can fit 7.7" cockpit speakers instead of the OEM 6.5" ones? Im curious if theres enough space to fit them in the rear without touching the floor/seat and in the bow space between the cushions.

    If so, is there an easy way to enlarge the existing hole (I believe 5") to fit them (to 6.5")?

    I searched around here for some advice but didn't see any so I thought Id post.

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    The later 205V hulls came with the JL 7.7s. as long as the current hole isnt already too low, I dont think it would be an issue.

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      Depth may be an issue.

      I need to change out my speakers but don't know what to do about the tweeter hole.
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        I did the Clarion 6.5 to JL 7.7 on my 2004 X30. I went through several routing bits on my Dremel to get all 4 done. The fiberglass trashes the bits and you have to go slow so it doesn't get too hot. I'm sure there are better methods but it does work.