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    Any thoughts on using a car amp in a boat? I’ve read all kinds of stuff about using car amps or not using them. When we are at the lake the boat stays in the water overnight, don’t have a covered lift right now. So we trailer it home and it typically it is in covered storage. Amp mounts under the passenger seat area so there are typically wet boards or whatever else under there at nights and when we are traveling with it. I do open it up when we get home to air everything out. Don’t want to spend money on a car amp to just replace it later because of moisture but hate to spend more money on a marine amp when it really isn’t needed.

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    For a fresh water trailer boat, a non marine amp can live a long life, but the moisture can eventually get it. The benefits of a marine amp are worth it IMO, specially when you look at the small cost difference between a car amp and its marine counterpart. If there is a marine amp that fits the build, I prefer to go marine. On those cases where we are after a particular goal and there is not a marine amp that fits, I will go non-marine.