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What type of marine remote head unit should I get

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  • What type of marine remote head unit should I get

    So, I own a 2001 Mastercraft X star. The head unit needs to be replaced. the Marine remote still works but while shopping for head units I have no idea what type I should get that will be compatible with the remote anybody have any advice?
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    If this remote is OEM from 01, then the answer is likely none will be compatible. So plan on a new wired remote and cable.

    I like the Clarion M508 and their LCD remote or a few of the Fusion units and their remote.


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      You can get the adapter for old style remotes to newer Clarion head units. I think it's about $20 for the adapter, but you lose some functionality as I recall.

      I have a Clarion M475 from my X-Star that I am no longer using. It works with the old remote and has aux input. Let me know if you are interested.


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        Yes, they are not fully functional and if they are LCD display, you lose that also.