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2007 X2 Audio and Amp settings

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  • 2007 X2 Audio and Amp settings

    I have great sound and volume coming from my cabin speakers. But my Sub and tower speakers sound like they are putting out 1/3 of the decibels.

    I looked at the two amps settings and you can see a similar amount of comprehension on a dog's face when it looks at an Iphone. I swear those things have more buttons and knobs than the Space Shuttle.

    Here are pictures of my amp settings. The first two photos are of the top amp, and the second two are the bottom amp.

    Additionally, the top amp red and white RCAs go to the grey wires coming out of the radio. The bottom amp RCAs go to the black wires coming out of the radio
    The red wires coming out of the radio go to my aftermarket bluetooth adapter.
    The purple wires coming out of the radio are capped/plugged.

    Does anything look out of wack? Any suggestions on new settings? Surfers can't hear the music....
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    I'm no mechanic, but I can change a part.

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    You can adjust the sensitivity of each zone using the "Input Sens." knobs.


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      Id start by checking the head unit FADE. Next, need to determine what speakers are driven by which amp. With the system off, unplug the RCA from one amp, turn system on and note which speakers no longer play. Turn off, reconnect those RCA, unplug from other amp, repeat.