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Incoming bluetooth call disrupts audio?

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  • Incoming bluetooth call disrupts audio?

    I have a 2019 X-Star w/ factory audio.

    I noticed yesterday that the audio was sounding very good, then an incoming call came in on my phone. I ignored the call, but the audio continued with less volume, slight buzz and fuzziness. The only thing I could do to get it back to "good", was shut off the boat and reset the main power.

    The audio came back on fine after that.

    I was able to run the same scenario w/ the incoming call and have the same result.

    Has anyone else seen this?

    I have had some flakiness in the audio quality and had the dealer come out and look at it recently.

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    Happens every damn time the phone rings, or a video is taken with the connected phone. Terribly annoying and the only fix is a complete battery shutdown/reset. Totally sucks and top of my concerns for my audio survey call on Friday!!!


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      Happens to me every damn time. I turn my phone on airplane mode and direct everyone who may need me to call someone else on the boat. It is infuriating.

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        Known issue, yet unresolved by Mastercraft.
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          Wow, this board is great! Here I thought I had some obscure issue. Does turning off the answer calls/texts option eliminate this or does it persist even then?


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            If you have an old iPhone you can download all your tunes to it or connect it to your real phone's hotspot. I don't have the system as you last summer got a new phone and found out that the Fusion head unit doesn't work with the iPhone 11 or newer. This is what I had to do to beat solve this. We call it "the boat phone," though it has no sim card and is effectively an iPod.
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