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Volume is about 1/2 what it used to be. Help!

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    Originally posted by waterlogged882 View Post
    Everyone in the US is getting ready for Old Man Winter.
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      Ok good news, problem solved. It looks like the main negative cable lug that supplies the amp rack, had rattled loose on the trip up to the cabin. The DSP has obviously detected that full power could not be supplied to the amps so it throttled back the signal. I would normally have expected the amps to shutdown and go into protection mode. I was ratting around all the connections while the system was running and moved the cable a bit and it all shutdown. awesome... Got the socket set out and tightened up the nut, and restarted the stereo, all good, my ears are officially bleeding, great result. On a side note, I left the battery switch on overnight and had the stereo on all day yesterday while I was doing more work on the ballast install, so the battery was low, after about 5 hours, the stereo volume dropped by about half. Looks like the DSP had kicked in again.