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07 X2 Fly high ballast install

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  • 07 X2 Fly high ballast install

    I did the quick and easy version of how to install the custom fly high ballast rear sacs and the integrated bow sack. The Fly High ballast added a total of #1525 pounds +. The rear are #400+ each and the bow is #725+. So total ballast now with factory and Fly High kits is #2363+ (Factory is 225# each for port and starboard and 388# for KGB).

    It was really easy install and took an hour and half probably to complete from start to finish. Use a hair dryer to heat the tubing to fit on the connectors or it is near impossible to get them on. I used all quick disconnect from Fly High so I can easily take the system out if needed and for winterization.

    Also I re-programmed my ballast timers which I will include at the end.

    Parts list for the rear;
    2 custom X2 fly high rear sacs
    2 90 degree angle 1" threaded one side and other side to accept 1" hose
    2 straight quick disconnect fitting from Fly high with nipple inserts for the bags
    2 90 degree quick disconnect fittings from Fly High with nipple inserts for the bags
    6 1" stainless hose clamps
    2 3' sections of 1" hose

    Parts list for the bow;
    1 Fly high integrated bow sac (comes with nipple plug for third hole in sac)
    1 90 degree angle 1" threaded 1 side and other side to accept 1" hose
    2 straight quick disconnect fittings from fly high with nipple inserts for the bags
    3 1" stainless hose clamps
    1 5' section of 1" hose

    Locate the rear overflow hose coming off the ballast tanks which can be found underneath the rear seats shown in pic.

    Unscrew clamp and take off hose. Next take out the existing black straight fitting with a wrench.
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    Next screw in the 90 degree angle and use teflon tape. and add the new piece of hose onto it with clamp.

    Then hook the new piece of hose onto the bottom inlet in the fly high sac as it will now serve as the filler and the old overflow tube then gets a quick connect put on it and serves as the new overflow for the whole system.

    Push the bag back into the rear compartment and make sure lines are straight and not kinked and that is it for the rear ballast install........ As I said I did the super easy install way as some have done much more elaborate installs.


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      Might be better off going back to the straight barbed fitting, rather than the 90... hose looks a little kinked.

      Looks clean and easy though!
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        The integrated bow sack is a little more involved but still fairly eay to do. First locate the overflow off the KGB found in the pic below.

        Unscrew clamp and disconnect overflow hose. This hose will be pulled through the instrument panel and serve as the overflow for the bow ballast. I took out the straight black fitting going to the ballast tank and replaced it with a 90 as my new hose fit right over it without effort and I wanted a snug fit. Here is the same view with the new 90 and hose attached.


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          Next you have to push the hose underneath the gap into the storage compartment under the dash.

          And install the bow ballast and quick disconnects and hook up the supply line to it.


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            On the other side you can now pull the overflow hose through into the compartment under the drivers dash. The hardest part here is getting out the access panel. I left the length on it so I can switch it back to regular ballast if I need to take out the fly high. Hook the quick disconnects up and install on bag.

            Put the access panel back and it will clear the hose at the bottom no problem.

            That is it for the install. Now for the re-programming of the timers..........


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              Originally posted by Sodar View Post

              Might be better off going back to the straight barbed fitting, rather than the 90... hose looks a little kinked.

              Looks clean and easy though!

              It is kinked because the bag is pushed forward into the seat compartment to do all the connections. Once connections done you push bag back into rear compartment and kinks go away.


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                Fill-drain time set up (reprogramming the pump)

                disconnect all batteries from main boat connections for at least 30 seconds. Disconnect plug between pump and active Intelligence box until prgramming is complete. Reconnect power from battery and immediately start toggling switch to enter program mode.

                Push toggle to the fill position and toggle between fill and drain 5 times stopping in the off position each time (fill-off-drain-off-fill-off, etc). Do not rush. This should be done in a slow methodical 1 second at each postion pace. Unit will blink when you have entered program mode and the number of blinks will indicate the current fill time in 30 second intervals. The lowest default time is 2 minutes. Therefore 1 blink = 2 minutes, 2 blinks = 2 min 30 sec, 3 blinks = 3 min, etc.

                To increase fill time - toggle between off and the fill position, each toggle increases the fill time by 30 seconds up to 6 minutes maximum.

                To decrease fill time - toggle between off and drain position, each toggle decreases by 30 seconds.

                Increments are 30 seconds (approx. 3.5 gallons per toggle) with minimum fill time of 2 minutes and maximum of 6 minutes. Also the pumps fill at approx 10 GPM.

                Reconnect power to pump and run pump in drain cycle until pump stops automatically. This must be done to reset unit timer to zero after programming.
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                  roonie, very nice setup.

                  when are you going to be down my way so we can get this done in under a hour.


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                    Roonie you should have used the 90 degree high fly inserts for the top of the back bags they work awesome while removing strain from the overflow inlet vs using the straight.

                    Another note make sure the hose going to the KGB isnt piched by the side wall, I have herd of MC having some issues with a few KGB tanks exploding from a pinched hose (they will not warranty which is common sense but if it happened it wouldnt be able to be replaced without removing the deck, better safe than sorry). There is a kick panel right around the area held down by 4 screws, we removed it and routed out a half moon with a jijsaw worked perfect and will not allow pinching to occur.

                    Congrads-how do you like it? The wake for surfing is killer with one bag filled and trim plate set to 53% we noticed.
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                      Thanks for the tips. I can still change out the quick connects to the 90 degrees one since I still have to install the left rear bag (They ran out of stock but should have it this week). Good tip on the pinched hose. It felt like it had room but it was for sure a tight fit. I will probably do the same and cut a little u-shaped piece out of the kick panel.

                      I am also getting the wake surf sac (another 700#) for the left side which will be filled manually with the pump so the wake should be unbelievable as I will have about 2438 #'s just on the left side and KGB/bow. That should be plenty of wake for surfing.


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                        hey man the install looks super clean... can't wait to post my own "how i did it and you should too" pics
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                          Very similar to how I did mine, except I did not replace the fittings on the overflow from the tank. the line just runs straight up out of the factory tank. No problems filling or emptying since there is a good vacuum created. Didn't do the front sac though, just have some lead up there.

                          How is the wake with that much in the bow? I've only got 360# extra in the bow and my wake has a very nice lip at the top, would think that more in the bow would cause it to mellow out some.
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                            Have yet to test it out on water. I will post some pics when I do..... hopefully this weekend. I have heard you don't need to fill the whole bow sac just halfway for decent wake for boarding. I have most the weight mainly for surfing.

                            I replaced the overflow fittings just so I had a decent connection as the old fittings had shrunk due to being clamped down upon. I could literally slide the new hose right on over the old fittings without any force. Then I would only be relying on the hose clamps to keep them on and that worried me some. The new fittings were a pain all the way around. Getting the hose on was difficult as I used a lot of heat and some soap at times but I swear they are watertight even without the clamps.
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                              Great help for me!!!! I am picking up the same sacks tomorrow. Couple of questions, 1. what is the factory set time on the ballast pumps? Would that also be the same for the 08? Did you get the threaded ninetys from fly high? Where did you get the 1" hose? I was looking at a local marine store and they have a white 1" PVC pipe...any idea if that would work or should I get the black???

                              Thanks in advance