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Where to get Ballast check valves

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  • Where to get Ballast check valves

    I've done a lot of research on piggybacking fat sacks on "top" of the internal tanks. Wakemakers sells a piggyback kit that has two check valves in the hoses and sacks. I have a piggyback system already and didn't really see the need to purchase a full system when all I really need are the two check valves to make my system better and to protect my internal tanks.

    Wakemakers has this valve ( which is the one that goes in-line with the fat sack overflow to prevent air from getting into the sack so it will completely drain.

    There is another valve in their kit that is in parallel with the sack. When the sack is fully empty, air needs to get into the hard tank so it can get drained and to keep the tank from busting. This must not be a true check valve in that it needs to stay closed so the fat sack can fully empty. But at some point, it must open to allow air to pass through from the vent on the side of the boat to the internal tank so it can fully empty. It's not the one in the link above. Does anyone know what this check valve is and where I can get it. I can't find it on Wakemakers site and when I called and asked them questions on how the system worked it seemed like they preferred selling the kit (which is possibly why it isn't for sale on their site???).

    Thanks in advance!

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    I added the piggyback bags on my 2013 X25 this summer by purchasing all the misc. parts less the valves you are referencing from
    For the valves that are not able to purchase on I bought 2 of these valves from US Plastics along with threaded barb fittings from Wakemakers to complete my piggyback upgrade. This worked great for me all summer and fall.

    3/4" FNPT x 3/4" FNPT Series 687 Polypropylene Check Valve with Buna-N Seals, 1/3 PSI Cracking Pressure & Hastelloy Spring | U.S. Plastic Corp. (

    WakeMAKERS Threaded Hose Barb Connector 3/4 thread with 1" barb


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      Thanks for the link. Those are out of stock but I'm sure I can find them some other place. What is the recommended cracking pressure? Is 1/3 PSI enough to no open up while emptying the bag?


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        Wakemakers representative said is was 1/3 PSI on the valve they use so that is how I started the google search. Worked great for me.


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          McMaster sells 1/2 PSI spring loaded check valves which are similar to what Mastercraft used in the past. I used them on a prior boat's ballast system with no issues.


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            I’ve used ½ lb. PVC spring check valves with great success. Bought them through


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              Thanks everyone! I found and ordered all the parts I needed and plan to plumb it up, maybe as early as this weekend if they all show up.

              We purchased the boat used from a dealer and 2 of the 3 internal tanks were busted. They helped us out a lot and we replaced all the internal tanks and pumps. I don't want to take any chances in with the internal tanks tin-canning so the check valve above the internal tank exhaust is a must-have for me now. Hopefully the whole system will fill/drain better as a result.

              Thanks again!


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                Is there a significant difference between 1/2 pound and 1/3 pound? A rep from Wakemakers said the CV's were 1/2 lb psi so I replicated their system based on this. Any recommendations to change to 1/3? I don't always get noise out of the thru-hull.


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                  The wakemakers ones work fine. Don't overthink it.