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Ballast not filling

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  • Ballast not filling

    So just picked up a 2018 XT22 yesterday. Came to the lake for the weekend to just get her out on the water and figure things out. Still a little chilly here in NC. Tried to fill the ballast tanks and you can hear the pumps come on and the screens show they are filling but nothing is filling up. The valves look to be open so I can’t figure out what’s going on. Boat only has 73 hours on it so do you think it’s lack of use has caused the impellers to just be toast. To be honest I haven’t checked that yet. Just seems to be odd, if the pumps are running then they should be filling up. Anyone have any ideas?

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    If the thru hull fitting is open, then it is most likely impeller related. Very easy to pull the cover plate and check the impeller condition...Good luck


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      I'm having a similar issue with the port ballast bag on my 2018 XT22. Did you find a solution?


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        Turned out I wasn’t actually having a problem. Long story but didn’t really figure anything out. Just my stupidity.