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Ballast Tanks replaced with fat sacs

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  • Ballast Tanks replaced with fat sacs

    Has anybody replaced their hard tanks with bags on a X45? I want to order custom bags and want find out if they had issues I could design out. I would also like the custom bag size. Thanks, Boulderx45

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    Don't know about the X45, but did this on a X2. IMO, it worked out well, allowed for better engine service access, and was able to fit bigger bags


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      I haven't done this but have an x45 and would be really interested in it. Let me know if you do it. If nothing else, it would avoid all the piggyback double tank plumbing and nonsense. Keep me posted. Is the floor below the hard tank smooth in some way to not puncture any bag? Or would you have to put something down?


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        Yes, the floor below the hard tanks are smooth. I got both tanks out and decided to try and seal the cracks.


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          That's awesome. Would love to see some pics whenever you get a minute. Are there clean walls so the bags don't "spill" over into cracks or whatever?


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            Same question here. 2008 x45 and this would make a lot of sense. Wanna say wakemakers had a video for an X2, but not sure if same is possible with an x45. They protrude from engine compartment to under seats, so could be tricky.