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  • Fast fill ballast

    When I first got the boat the ballast storage area was very dry and I never noticed water dripping from the pumps. I now notice some water on the bags and it looks like there is a steady stream of water coming from the ballast pump into the storage area onto the bag. Is this normal?

    i tried to post a picture to show the water.
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    I’m guessing that’s not normal! Cracked fitting? Looks like it’s coming from the 90.
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      Not normal. Looks like freeze damage from incomplete winterization of the ballast system cracked the fitting.
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        Thanks! Just what I thought def not normal. It’s a 2022. Hasn’t seen winter yet. But it had a bulletin that was repaired and MC recommended to long of hose for the drainage port which then kinked and put a lot of pressure on the pump and I think that damaged the pump. MC then updated the bulletin with shorter length for drainage hose.