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Rear bags rolling around

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  • Rear bags rolling around

    I’ve got an 04 prostar 205v that I'm getting setup to surf in the upcoming season. I’ve got 750lb bags for the rear lockers. Will I need to do any type of bracing in the locker to keep them from rolling around? Only reason I even thought about it is from seeing different stuff on YouTube & guys building little walls in the lockers (see pic). Unnecessary??? Mine seem to fit pretty snug in all four directions and don’t seem like they would move around.
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    Wake Makers sells brace kits for the dividers. The bags will always have a little bit of water in them. They won’t move around.


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      Are the necessary? Doesn’t seem like they’re going to go anywhere…


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        The brace kit lakedrum is referring to is for the engine dividers. They're basically metal strips that screw into the inside of the divider panels to prevent/reduce flexing when the bags are full. You won't need a brace like the one pictured above, but you may want to consider braces for the dividers. Here's a link: WakeMAKERS Engine Divider Panel Savers
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          Awesome. Thanks guys