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Ballast tanks arent showing up on vdig

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  • Ballast tanks arent showing up on vdig

    My tanks are filling and emptying (ithink) but thae tank levels arent showing up on vdig. Any suggestions? Its a 2008 x2. I tried resetting the dig already and that did nothing. Thanks!

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    I have the same issue with my starboard tank. After a call to dealer is was told the sending unit is probably NFG. Mine on a 09 star was located directly behind drivers seat, under passenger seat. Unscrew plastic cap, beneath is the sending unit. I was directed to unplug the wiring harness (making sure not to let the harness fall away) then unscrew the unit and plug back in, and turn ignition on. If this does not reset itself order new sending unit. I now have one on order.


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      Same problem and same direction from my dealer. Sending unit is surprisingly inexpensive.

      Only my KGB is missing.
      2008 X-45 Canadian Blue Metal Flake/Silver Metal Flake, MCX, OJ 5 Blade