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2001 X30 Center Ballast pump location

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  • 2001 X30 Center Ballast pump location

    I have a 2001 x30 and need to replace the impeller in the center ballast pump since it likes to fill up by itself. I am just curious if someone can tell me where it is located. I searched other posts and could not find anything for my boat.

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    If you have the KGB system from the factory, this should be VERY accurate...if not, then you will have to investigate.

    The KGB system in 2001 used Mayfair 1100gph aerator pumps for Fill & Drain. The Mayfair pumps are cartridge style and most likely yellow in color. The FILL pumps are all located BELOW the waterline, hence the ability to fill the front ballast bag when the pump is not on*(read Gravity feed).

    *Open/Close Valves
    Each fill line (3 in total) has a valve to close the line before any pumps. The helps in gravity feed for the front bag, and for service/maintenance in the water. The Open/Close for these valves SHOULD be on Back wall of the Starboard side rear storage locker next to the engine. They should also be labeled what each is for.

    Ballast FILL Pumps
    The FRONT ballast FILL pump is located on the port side of the transmission. It's the front most pump in the bilge next to the transmission
    The port side REAR ballast FILL pump is located on the port side of the transmission. It's a few inches behind the front ballast pump.
    The Starboard side REAR ballast FILL pump is located on the Starboard side of the transmission. It should be the only pump on that side next to the engine.

    Ballast DRAIN pumps
    The FRONT ballast DRAIN pump is located just behind the ski-locker wall where the bag is. (You can access it from the port hole or pulling up the small floor panel in front of the port hole.)
    The Port side REAR ballast DRAIN pump is located on the rear of the tank.
    The Starboard side REAR ballast DRAIN pump is located on the rear of the tank.

    BILDGE Pump
    The Bilge pump is in the on the Starboard side of the bilge just forward of the rudder (Horrible place to put it BTW) I relocated mine to just forward of the front drain plug, it's the lowest part of the boat.

    My $.02
    The simplicity of this system is awesome. Fill/Drain Pumps and switches for each tank is the BEST of every world IMHO, not sure why they had to get so sophisticated with everything.
    The valves could be better, and I did eliminate mine for a PVC style valves. It's more work, but it works for me. The glaring advantage of this system over almost any other is that you have the ability to balance the boat if it's unbalanced just by draining one of the rear tanks a little while you are moving. It's perfect.

    Hope this helps.


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      As far as I know it is stock and I did notice all(several) yellow cartridge style bilge pumps right where you said they were. I honestly thought that is all they were, bilge pumps not meant for the ballast system. Someone had said in another post that the pumps were impeller style and located near the back transom. My center ballast bag fills by itself when running so I assumed I needed to do the green impeller replacement, now I am not so sure. What would I need to do now given i have the yellow cartridge style pumps. Thanks for the info.


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        You need to keep the valve closed. I have the same problem......


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          The valve dial on the stern?


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            Yes. The middle one.


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              Got it! I would like to fix the problem, just not sure how to now knowing that I have the gartridge style pumps and not the ballst puppy. Ughh!!


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                There is no fix saving for replacing the pumps with a reversible impeller type, or just closing the valve!

                My KGB sac broke once so I took it out completely before replacing it and took on a ton of water before I remembered to close the valve!


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                  Damn! That sucks that there is no fix. I will definately need to remember to close that valve. Can u fill the bag then close the valve off once it's full?