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Wake Surf behind a 2002 X-Star

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  • Wake Surf behind a 2002 X-Star

    Ok so there are seveal threads out there already but none with a clear response (that I could find anyway). I have tried several configs and only once come close to surfing w/out the rope.

    Here is my setup:

    750lb Fly High sac in rear port locker
    300lb KGB in center ski locker
    ~400 in front bow via Fly High bow sac

    3-4 passangers on port side.

    Has anyone out there with this hull had any sucess? If so can you please detail how your boat was weighted, what speed, and about how far back from the swim platform the sweet spot is?

    I found a video on youtube of someone wakesurfing behind a 2002 X-Star with realitive ease but I am unable to contact them.

    Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube.

    Also hear are the other threads on team talk that have some info but didnt see anyone say they have an 02 X-Star, can wake surf and here is how...

    Thanks a bunch for any help

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    That setup should be fine for surfing. My boat has the same hull, and we can surf both sides with no problem. I have surfed with just the 750 in the locker and the kgb full. I usually run around 9.5mph. The sweet spot isn't huge, and the wave is a little steep, but it's definitely surfable. A lot of times I will also run 1000lbs in the nose to keep the platform from dragging in the water and making the wave wash a little.

    This thread is the only one of the 3 that is applicable. The other 2 are talking about the 2003-2011 xstar with a different hull.
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      As noted above, 750 in the surf side rear locker and KGB full works for surfing that hull. We typically run 10.5mph. The pocket is fairly close to the stern, say anywhere from 3' to 7' off the teak.

      Not the greatest surf boat out there but still lots of fun!



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        I have the same hull and I can surf with no rope no problem. I run 600lb sacs on each side of engine. Fill the surf side full, fill the other 2/3 full. Then I fill a 375lb locker bag. I set speed right at 9mph and don't forget to turn into the surf wake. I can surf on this no problem with my 100lb wife driving and no one in the boat. It only gets better with more people in the boat. I actually slow it down a little then. You have to be almost on top of the platform right behind the boat.

        I would add some weight to the other side (starboard) and check your speed. If you still can't throw the rope, then maybe check your board size for your weight, or maybe you need more practice behind a larger wake to get the feel down.

        Good luck!


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          So it must be a 205V(XStar 02 and older, X2 03-05, X1 06-11) hull. I've been able to go no rope with just a driver, 750 in the port locker, and 300 in the center.

          If there are no boats in the lake then I will add another 400 on the port bow seat, another 200 under the port seat, a few passengers(mobile ballast), and the 250 starboard tank.

          I ride about 9.5mph. If you need more push then add weight to the stern or slow down, if there is too much push then add weight to the bow or speed up.

          Don't try free riding by throwing the rope at first, just drop it on the other side of the wake. Even with slack in the rope it will be pulling you a little, so you will need to adjust for that when you drop it. Throwing the rope in the boat requires a little acceleration to counteract the toss.


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            Attached the best pic i currently have of the wake on our 2000 X-Star. We have the KGB full, port side 750lb sack full (or as full as it can get with the hydraulic motor/arm in the way) and the starboard side about 3/4 full. The wake is best at 9-10 MPH and the "sweet spot" is about a foot from the teak deck. It seems that the speed has the most effect on the wake. We used a gps speedometer app on my wife’s I-phone, and at 11 MPH it is really hard to stay up without the rope. We tried taking the starboard 750lb sack out and filled it up all the way in the seating area and the wake got smaller.
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              You need to dump that starboard side weight for sure. That surf wake is a frothy mess and will give you zero push that's why u need the wake to be clean and curl over. The boat really needs to lean/ list to the side your surfing . Also try and slow down a bit. I will do my best to get some pics of my 2000 Star in the starboard/goofy side.

              My surf weight goes 750 in the rear 200 lbs of pop bags right behind driver, KGB center full, and about 400lbs in the nose at 10 mph. I could maybe use a little more in the nose to lengthen the pocket but I prefer the steepness and I like doing 360's an slashing, but I sacrifice the pocket length to actually carve. Setup for goofy of course.

              I am on a Hyperlite Landlock still which isn't te ultimate surf machine of a board. I think if I up my board I could use that longer pocket and have more fun, but I just don't surf all that much to warrant a new walker or newer style board just yet.
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                2003 X-2 (205V hull)
                750 locker
                4-5 people
                ~10.4 MPH GPS
                Rider is 6'4"

                ¡Viva 205V!
                2003 X2 MCX


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                  Here is ours with just 600lbs in the rear locker and about 5 friends in our 02 205V. Grape Fanta!
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                  It's not a boat, its a MASTERCRAFT
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                    Then we dump the ballast and vwala!!
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                    It's not a boat, its a MASTERCRAFT
                    2002 Prostar 205V Zero-Flex tower
                    Slalom, Barefoot, Wakeboard, Wakesurf