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X14v - where is the fill/drain ballast flapper?

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  • X14v - where is the fill/drain ballast flapper?

    So my 2012 X14v shoots water out of the air vent hose almost every time that I try to fill the factory tanks. If I reverse all three pumps for a moment, the flapper will close then the tank fills. The thing is though, I can't find the darn flapper!!

    Does anyone know where the little fill/drain flapper is on this thing? My X9 had one for each ballast puppy pump, but the X14V doesn't seem to be that way?
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    I don't think they used flappers in 2012. I have a 2012 X2: no flappers. AFAIK water is drained below the water line. It's really easy to trace all the ballast plumbing. Are you sure you're draining your tanks? Sounds like they are full and venting out the vent holes. Try to confirm that your tanks are empty on your trailer and then see if you are getting water shooting out the vents when you try to fill in the water.


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      I'll double check what the gauges say versus the status of the tanks, but I also noticed that if I reverse all pumps for just a few seconds and then restart then the problem goes away. It seems like a vent somewhere is not opening/closing properly. Thanks for the reply though. I will double check the gauges, especially since I did a firmware upgrade on my 2012 today.


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        AFAIK, and your boat may be different than mine, the system is entirely open with no check valves, flappers, or anything else. Post back when you get it sorted, I'm interested to hear what you find.


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          Did you resolve this issue? I'm interested if you actually had a flapper.


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            No flapper on this boat that I can find. Looks to be direct plumbed all-around. I bought one that I am planning to add myself though. Seems like a three dollar easy fix to an occasional suction problem.
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