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Tips on removing ballast hose?

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  • Tips on removing ballast hose?

    I spent an inordinate amount of time trying to remove the ballast hose from my port side check valve. Specifically the one on the vent side of the ballast manifold. This was the original check valve, so it was 9 years old, and the rubber had hardened where the clamp was. It was such a tight space, I couldn't get much leverage to pull it off the check valve. I tried heating with a hair dryer, but had no success. Eventually I was able to get it off by wedging a flat head screwdriver, but ripped my hands to shreds in the tight space.

    Getting ready to do more ballast work and don't want to waste time pulling these hoses off.

    Any tips?


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    Try a heat gun instead of the hair dryer.
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      Or, if it's more than long enough you can cut down the length of the hose and it will split and release.
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        I always have luck twisting the hoses before pulling. If you can break the bond between the hose and fitting it separates a lot easier. Channel Locks work great for this. Good Luck