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MTS Ballast Tank 2009 X14-v

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  • MTS Ballast Tank 2009 X14-v

    Just got a call from MC service where a host of repairs and upgrades are being completed on the boat. Had the digital display of the ballast tanks show that the MTS tank was filling but wouldn't empty. I couldn't tell the difference while trying to set up the boat to wake surf. I am being told that the tank was completely it had never been used. They said sometimes the tank is just placed as an option but never connected. they also stated that there didn't appear to be a switch for the tank. I was told there was a switch under the dash above the panel with the other ballast switches. Anyone ever heard of this unattached option?

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    They will typically wire for options, as the wire harness is the same for each boat. However, I've never head of a ballast tank being install and not connected... or any other large option. Seems a little crazy. Does your MTS have the pump and plumbing installed?
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      I've never heard of the MTS tank being installed but not wired or plumbed either.
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        It is hooked to the harness but apparently not to the ballast pump