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  • Just bought an NXT20

    So I just bought my first ever Mastercraft after a long time of coveting. I got a used 2015 NXT20 with all of the packages for a great price. The dealer said the previous owner was very weird and a cheapskate. It has the surf package, but he took the extra ballast bags out before selling to the dealer. I want to add ballast bags for surfing and overall wake control, but since I am new to this whole thing I really have no clue how to go about that. My goal is to have the extra ballast bags that work with the switch on the dash panel. Any help or guidance that you all can give me would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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    Here’s a thread on that very topic-
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      I ordered 710 bags from wakemakers which will be here later this week. Happy to let you know how they work and take pictures on my 2018. Or I can sell you my OEM ones if you want OEM.


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        If you need to install plug and play feature this is the kit I ordered and currently installing. It's been a pain for me to do it and almost regretting not having my dealer install it for me.

        WakeMAKERS exclusive Factory Ballast Upgrade Kits are built and designed to unleash your Malibu's full potential. It takes more than the factory ballast in your Malibu to achieve the wake you've always desired. After all, a better wake is proven to make for a more enjoyable wakesurfing and wakeboarding experience. Our

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          Welcome to the MC family. The NXT20 is a great way to get into a great boat at a reasonable price. You need to be sure that the previous owner had the "plug and play" tubing installed. The early 2015s did not come from the factory with the plug and play option. Adding the tubing and fittings is a couple hour job, but not hard if you are moderately handy.

          We need to see pics of that new toy!!!
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