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Ballast for a 2000 X Star

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  • Tsumi

    That's the best you can do while keeping all the ballast hidden. You have a bit more flexibility (i.e. use reversible impeller pumps instead of two aerator pumps) in locations where you don't have stock ballast.

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  • Dillongoetz35
    started a topic Ballast for a 2000 X Star

    Ballast for a 2000 X Star

    I was looking for some advice for the 2000 MasterCraft X Star we just purchased. We have the center ballast tank but no additional ballast for our boat. I was looking to surf and wakeboard behind our boat. Do you have any suggested or proven to work ballast set ups for a 2000 X Star? I am also hoping to keep ballast out of seating areas so we don't have to compromise capacity.