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2007 X2 Replace Ballast Timers with relays

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  • 2007 X2 Replace Ballast Timers with relays

    I added 2 rear ballast bags and 1 front ballast bag from Wavemakers this spring. I ordered the Jasco timers and they have been an issue all summer. I am looking to replace the timers with relays instead as all the bags use the boat overflows. I have seen some older posts on doing this but i was hoping someone who has done this could share the parts ordered and the wiring diagram to wire it to the existing switches.

    I was also looking at adding a master switch to turn the ballast pumps all off so they do not run and kill the battery.

    Any help is appreciated

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    I can reprogram all of your timers so that they actually work correctly. There is a long thread about it in my signature, but long-story-short is that I can flash a new firmware to the timers that eliminates all of the logic that makes them stop unexpectedly and allows you to set them for any amount of run-time that you need. I've fixed hundreds of timers and everyone has been happy with the results.
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      Erik did this programming for me this spring and they have worked flawlessly all summer long. Some of the best money I have spent on our boat period. Thanks Erik!


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        tr6coug did mine over 10 years ago and system has been flawless. best money spent. I also bought the new timers and could never get them to set right. I told tr6coug he could have them.

        good luck.


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          Send it to tr6coug. Mine are flawless with 5 years on them. tr6coug does great work!
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            +1 on excellent experience having mine re-programmed worked flawlessly for 6 years

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