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1988 Mastercraft Tristar 190 gauges

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  • 1988 Mastercraft Tristar 190 gauges

    I just recently bought a 1988 Mastercraft Tristar 190 but i have couple of problems with it the speed gauge does not work at all the the rpm gauge bounces up and down each time i hit a wave does any one know what is causing this?


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    I had an 88 Tristar that had issues with the starboard speedo. There is a small hose that attaches to the speedo pitot on the stearn underneath the platform. Make sure that hose is connected. I eventually replaced the entire pitot. You can order them from any marine store like After that, the speedo worked 90% of the time. If we were underway and hit a large wake, it would sometimes drop to zero and then work again once we slowed. I am not sure about the RPM gauge.

    Hope this helps!

    2002 X7 (Current)

    1988 Tristar 190 Open Bow (Old)


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      The speedo is an easy one to troubleshoot. Like Fletch said the guage is fed by a line connected to the pitot. Start at the pitot. Disconnect the hose at the pitot. Inspect the pitot to ensure that it is not clogged or damaged. Then trace the tubing on the inside of the boat. In some cases the tubing may lead to a brass tube. If yours has this then remove the tubing from each end of the tube. Make sure air flows through the end of the tube leading out to the pitot. Make sure air flows through the tube. Remove the tubing at the back of the speedometer. Make sure air travels through the tubing all the way to/from the speedometer. If your plumbing is in tact to the speedo, then it is the speedo (ulikely - usually the problem is between there someplace).

      As for the guages jumping at bumps that is probably a grounding issue. Little tougher, lots of wires to trace and check their connections. Clean, repair, replace as required.


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        Thanks for the help guys!!!