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  • Check Engine in tach display

    07 X1 reads Check Engine in tach display and radio turns off but no alarm. Took the boat out for first time this season and initially would not start (gauges and radio worked). Removed and tightened battery cables and it started right up. Runs fine but after a few minutes the tach displays check engine and radio turns off. All gauges read fine. I don't recall seeing a check engine light on but will confirm.
    ​​​​​​Could the weak battery signal to start cause the error? Battery was older but have since bought a new one. Have not been back out yet.
    I have seen some info on 3 starts/cool downs clearing the code (if fixed or non-issue) - is there a concern about running it if issue is not resolved?
    Manual indicates that the display should give an indication to what the issue is (volt/oil/temp) but mine only says check engine.
    Hoping to avoid a trip to the dealer just to find out I didn't tighten the battery well enough the first time.

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    The weak battery will cause this for sure. Very low tolerance for voltage. The code will keep popping up in your gauge for a few Cold up to temp trips. Engine has to be 100% cold. You can use the switch on the dash that scrolls through temps, time and hours to clear it out.
    If the voltage problem is severe, your boat will go to limp mode.
    Screws fall out all the time, the world is an imperfect place.


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      Slight update - got a new battery in and when doing it, noticed the terminals were really beat up. One started cracking as I tightened it. Replaced terminals along with battery. Went out, still got the light but sounds like that is to be expected for the next few time out. I'll update if it goes away.


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        Last update - 4th time cycling / third since battery and terminal change and no more code. Seems like battery and or terminals were issue for me. Thanks for the help Neil.


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          Good to hear it cleared out for you!
          Screws fall out all the time, the world is an imperfect place.