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Millenium Gauges.

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  • Millenium Gauges.

    I live in the UK
    Round trip to dealer 500 miles.

    I have a very basic knowledge of electrics and ammeter. I have neither the talent nor desire to replace the set with analogue/individual sensor/gauges.

    2005 X7. Full set of Medallion gauges plus Perfect Pass. See Photo 1.

    For three years I have had the situation where my gauges work intermittently. If boat regularly used Gauges tend to be OK. Switch ignition hear Beep (I assume Perfect Pass), whirring sound, and gauges all activate.

    If I leave boat for a period of time (this time 3 weeks) on start hear beep but none of gauges work. Then when driving they can suddenly come on. Usually happens if I get a jolt from a firm wave.

    The intermittent nature of the problem indicates maybe a loose lead or as been suggested on other Medallion threads a poor connection at "an in line fuse"

    Recently they have all stopped working. Ignition on, Beep, no whirring, no gauges and every effort has failed to reinvigorate the gauges.

    I have removed multipin plugs and used terminal cleaner- no result
    I have wiggled cables- no result.
    I have searched and searched for the inline fuse to no avail.

    The cable bundles from the two multipin MDC plugs go:
    MDC to behind instrument panel (I assume as output from MDC to gauges)
    MDC over bulkhead where MDC speaker, hearer outlet mounted.

    In neither case have I found an in line fuse. I assume it will be in the cable from behind the bulkhead.

    I have found a Blade type fuse adjacent to MDC wiring (which I have cleaned) but I am assuming this is "not the one" See Photo 2

    So Questions for Team Talkers.

    1. Where will I find the infamous in line fuse and which cable bundle is it on (I assume lead from behind bulkhead.
    2. If as I suspect the fuse is in the "power" line to the MDC, which MDC of the two MDC plugs and which pin within that plug is the electrical feed so I can see if the fuse is the problem before ripping out the bulkhead.

    All help appreciated.

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    Others can speak more technically, but in summary, the circuit board components fail in the MDC. Your statement above of how they will come back to life after a couple hits seems to confirm that the same. The MDC will fail you, not if. Its on its way now.

    The larger plug are the inputs to the MDC. Pin 12 (red wire) should be your battery power in. Pin 24 (stacked below pin 12) (black wire) will be your ground.

    The analog conversion is simple to do. The thread on the forum is priceless and make the work easy. Don't be scared of it.

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      Fuses are almost never intermittent in failure.... You're being optimistic to the extreme to expect this to be the issue.

      You can verify to yourself that the unit crapped the bed by testing for power at the unit itself by removing the plug and using a voltmeter to test if you have power and ground to the head unit.

      But I would not expect a good result. Steel yourself that the solution is an analog conversion.


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        First huge thank you to Lakedrum03 and 88PS190.
        Regarding the comment by 88PS190. I dont expect it is a fuse failure but in other posts on Millenium failures it has been said several times that corrosion on the end of the wires/contacts connecting the inline fuse is a probable intermitent failure cause.

        I am assuming that the inline (barrel type fuse. if that is what its is?) is in the grey bundle leading to the big MDC plug. Does anybody have any idea where in the loom this MDC power feed fuse is in terms of physial position? Am I looking for image 1 or 2?
        Click image for larger version  Name:	image.png Views:	0 Size:	18.6 KB ID:	2714628Click image for larger version  Name:	image.png Views:	0 Size:	106.0 KB ID:	2714629
        Image 1................................................. .................................... Image 2

        I will do the test at pins 12 and 24 anyway using a 12v led light bulb (with two wires) I have.

        Turning now to the Nuclear solution of converting the whole system to analogue.

        Is there a complete kit with instructions that anyone can recommend?

        Also a link to the thread referred to by Lakedrum03 would be appreciated.



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          Here's the replacement thread:

          2000 Prostar 205V


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            Originally posted by dpb185 View Post
            Thats it! I am partial to post #254, but I may be biased. If you have question while doing the swap, that thread should be able to answer just about anything.


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              Thanks dpb185 that helps.

              Any recommendations for a DIY complete conversion kit/source from MDC to Analogue sensors/dials.


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                Euro - there is no "complete kits" out there to do this. Attached is a spreadsheet I was messing with when I did mine for the gauges. I made a materials list in my post in the replacement thread.

                Also attached is the ordering guide for the Centriod Fuel Level sender.
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                  Thanks for info.

                  I also found these kits on internet


                  They have asked me

                  Does my perfect pass have its own box? I have no idea but will check

                  Does anybody know the answer to this on a 2005 X7 with MCX engine.

                  Also what is the depth of the fuel sender? I dont know that either.

                  These kits are not cheap. Especially with the Pound Sterling the weakest against Dollar for 37 years and additional import taxes etc.

                  The whole saga is a nightmare.

                  Cam anybody give advice on the location of the MDC inline fuse and type?



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                    For those “kits”, they are just piecing together separate pieces and charging about double. For that kind of mark up, I will do it.

                    your perfect pass is that black and silver box.

                    for the fuel sender, just cal Mary with your part number that can be found on the top of the sender. She will handle it from there. Call between 9-10 eastern and set aside 20 minutes.


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                      Oh My God!! I am such a d**k!

                      I have spent hours checking the Silver and Black box (now recognised as Perfect Pass which works perfectly!) terminals this week end. I thought it was the MDC!!!

                      I now see it even has "Perfect Pass" written on the bloody thing.

                      My only excuse is that the box is right beside my foot when driving and, on the odd occassion when I have had no gauges, i have tapped it with my foot and the Medallion gauges have activated.

                      It must have been due to transfer of shock to something else!

                      Other pathetic excuses. I am 75, obviously senile and apparently blind!!

                      So to start again.

                      Is the MDC the black box above the Perfect Pass Box? You can just about see it in the picture?

                      If not where is it?

                      If yes, the the fuse I have been hunting for is the one I have arrowed in the picture.

                      I dont suppose anyone has a photo of the appropriate 2005 Medallion MDC plus part number

                      So apologies for all those who have contributed- apologies.

                      Please give me a second chance.


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                        I think I am up to my 412th chance, so you have plenty to go.

                        Yes, the MDC is the black box just above.


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                          Originally posted by lakedrum03 View Post
                          I think I am up to my 412th chance, so you have plenty to go.

                          Yes, the MDC is the black box just above.
                          Just thought I would give an update.
                          After 5 weeks on no gauges and hours spent on the wrong black box (Perfect Pass) terminals, yesterday I spent 3 hurs on the correct box MMDC cleaning terminals, checking power both side of fuses (OK) then pin 12 on input plug still couldn't get any life out of gauges. Tried 8 or 10 times turning ignition switch to position but no success.

                          Gave up.

                          Thought I would try again today. "Last Chance Saloon"

                          Went down to lake, uncovered boat, prepared to remove seat etc.

                          Then I thought "Better try the gauges again before taking every thing apart again"

                          Turned ignition key to position 1.
                          Perfect Pass Bleeped and lit up.
                          Then miraculously, ALL the Medallion Gauges fired up perfectly.
                          Left it half and hour again gauges fired up perfectly.

                          So I now cannot fault find until next time they all shut down again!!. = but it does look like a dodgy loom connection somewhere

                          and thanks