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'98' PS190 no power to fuel pump, tach and other gauges

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  • '98' PS190 no power to fuel pump, tach and other gauges

    Please help... I was running my boat at about 2K RPM on the lake and it died just like that, The tach is stuck and Temp is in the same position of when the motor died. I'm thinking that it is something with the ECM. I have an Indmar 350, after testing the fuel pump for power I had none... I took a power probe to the (hot) white lead of the fuel pump and it primed... The motor turns over but wont fire, and tach/temp dont move at all! Any help is greatly appreciated! Get me back on the water!!!!!!

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    did you check your safety lanyard?


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      You'll have to forgive me... This is my first boat, not 100% sure where that is...


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        Small button by the throttle?


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          Originally posted by fochops View Post
          Small button by the throttle?
          Yeah, small button with a clip and red cord.

          May have blown the main breaker (back of motor by the ecm I believe?), or one of the relays. There's 2 or 3 relays, lower R side (on my 96 anyway). 1 powers the fuel pump and other 2 are for ECM and accessories (I think, it's been a while since I worked on them). Easiest way is to just switch relays and see if something works. Bad ground somewhere would shut you down too.
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            I would go with Thrall on this. ECM goes bad all other systems funtion as normal but no fuel and no ignition. All other features should work I believe. Breaker on the motor would be a good place to start then find out why it tripped. Don't rule out the ECM just does not sound right.
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              You guys have been very helpful! Thank you so much! It ended up being the freakin' lanyard! Boy do I feel like a Jackass! Especially since it took a nice guy 1 1/2 hours to tow me back!!!! Hahaha Thx again!


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                Hee Hee, my daughter pulled that same trick on me this summer. While she was waiting for me to back the trailer in it just died on her and of course would not re-start...

                That was the first thing I checked after swimming out to rescue her. The look on her face was PRICELESS!!! Of course I won't even bother swimming out next time either!
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                  I am having the same problem (97 PS190), checked lanyard and breaker in back.

                  Had the boat out 3 days ago, ran great, came home from after work wanting to take a couple passes, backed it down the ramp and it jsut kept cranking, never started. Brought it home and tested spark, nothing, then through a volt meter on the fuel pump not getting any juice... ECM? If so anybody know where I can get a new one?