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'05 MCX 350 Vortec stalling

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  • '05 MCX 350 Vortec stalling

    Hey everybody, thanks for reading this. I have an '05 x2 MCX 350 with about 250 hours. recently I've been having an issue where after pulling my kids on the tube for a while, the engine will stall out while under load. The radio also shuts off as well as all of the gauges. then about five seconds later, everything comes back on again and I can restart. I'm leaning toward the "ignition" circuit because when I disconnect the wire from the breaker labeled "ignition" it acts the same way. I tapped on this breaker while the engine was running and it didn't fail so I'm wondering if there's a thermal breaker somewhere else on that circuit that resets itself? My guess is that it would be somewhere in the engine compartment as it seems to be heat related. I also tapped on the ECU and voltage regulator with a screwdriver handle while running and couldn't reproduce. I excersized all the connectors in the engine compartment and didn't see any corrosion. This boat is only used in fresh water. Gauges all read normal, oil is about 70psi, and water temp is at 160°. Thanks again for reading and any help.

    Brian - Tampa

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    Out of my league here, but can I suggest to check the Earth connections on the motor. Just wondering if they are corroded and getting hot?? If the ECU gets low on voltage it won't be happy.


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      I would start with the basics of checking battery condition, charging system, cables and connections, etc. Kinda sounds like your alternator may not be charging or the battery is not holding a charge.

      If you can't figure it out and need help, I'm sure Bay Area Watersports (Jim) can help you out. Great dealer, you're lucky to be so close to them. I'm 2+ hours from my nearest MC dealer.
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        Hi everybody. I did fnally end up solving this issue about 6 months ago. It was a wierd one so I thought someone else may have this issue and benefit from reading this.

        The circuit breaker mounted to the engine was opening only after warmed up and under a load. Then, before I could grab my multimiter and check, it would reset itself. The lever on the breaker would never actuall show "tripped" so I thought this was a strange way for it to fail. I tracked down the replacement and special ordered it from Summit racing and it's been fine ever since.


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          Nice you finally answered your problems solution even if it took 2 years. I can't tell you how many of this problem threads go unanswered on TT.


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            yeah no kidding gwozhog...
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