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2009 Xtar Ignition Fuse Blowing

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  • 2009 Xtar Ignition Fuse Blowing

    I have a 2009 PWT Xstar. On the lake this weekend and turned of boat to switch riders. When I went to start the boat again it did not turn over. Batteries fully charged, no radio on. Tracked it back to a blown fuse on the front of the engine. Replaced the fuse and started fine. Used the boat for another hour or two, with no problems. Went to start the boat while at the dock for another session and same problem. Engine did not turn over and the fuse was blown again. Replaced the fuse, and started the boat and shut it off again 4-5 times, and it did not blow the fuse. Replaced the fuse 3 times today in all. Before I tear everything apart to look for shorts, etc. I am looking for suggestions on possible causes and good spots to start checking. Thanks in advance!

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    Anyone have any ideas? Any help appreciated!


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      not good.. which fuse is blowing?
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        It's a 20 amp on the front of the engine. So far Ive only noticed the starter not engaging. Havent been able to tell if there is anything else on the circuit yet. The starter its newer and installed about a year ago.


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          No Luck Yet...possibly the solenoid?

          I have tested the ignition relay, the neutral safety switch, safety tether switch, and ignition. Everything is testing ok. When trying to turn the engine over it still blows the fuse instantly. I can start the boat if I jump the solenoid. Is it possible that the sloenoid is taking too much draw when turning the key so that is blowing the fuse? How can I test the draw of the solenoid? Going to be 90 herein MN tomorrow and the boat is inside. My summer here is limited. Please help!