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2008 X-45 400HP indmar vortec power train relay fault

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  • 2008 X-45 400HP indmar vortec power train relay fault

    2008 X-45 400 HP indmar vortec, engine is cranking but not firing. Voltage on dash remaing above 10.5v even when cranking and oil pressure rises.
    diagnostic software kicking out:
    SPN 66014 power train relay contact fault
    FMI 4 voltage below normal.
    I have just replaced the starter, and batteries.
    Can't figure out where the problem would be. happened when the boat is on lift. One day working fine then next day, relay fault and no start.
    Any ideas would be greatly appreciated

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    Safety lanyard secure? Mine gets a little off now and then causing a no start even though it looks like it's attached.
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      low voltage - carribean - check for corrosion.. on contacts
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        recently I had an issue with a fuel relay (Indmar MCX 350), we thought it was the relay it was random failure , we changed the relay and the problem remain , so at the end was the relay connector , two of the pins had some "play" and were not contacting properly