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2005 Prostar 205V / 2005 X Star Perfect Pass Install / ECM Reflash

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  • 2005 Prostar 205V / 2005 X Star Perfect Pass Install / ECM Reflash

    So I bought a 2005 Prostar 205V (Same hull as XSTAR) and purchased perfect pass star gazer.

    I have the 350HP MCX Engine that is drive by wire. I contacted Max at skier to skier and he fixed me up. He has the best prices out there. [email protected] everything was plug and play I installed it in less than 30 minutes. Just make sure you connect to the plug under the kick panel not the one under the throttle shifter.

    Unfortunately 2005 is the only year that needs the ECM to be reflashed because It came from the factory with mastercraft cruise.

    So I called my dealer up, Dri port marine in Ofallon, Missouri. They did not have a clue what needed to be done so I called Indmar and relayed the info across to my dealer. They told me they needed my boat for 2 weeks and was going to charge me $120.

    I called back Indmar and asked if I could ship my ECM to them. I wound up over-nighting the ECM with another overnight label inside the box. They re flashed the ECM the day they received it and I was wake boarding the next evening.

    So if you are in the same boat as I was (no pun intended) save your self some time and ship your ECM to Indmar. They know what they are doing and have UPS pickup daily.

    I love perfect pass from both a drivers perspective and a riders perspective
    It is definitely worth the hassle re flashing the ECM