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2012 touch screen locking up

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  • 2012 touch screen locking up

    I have a 2012 X15. My touchscreen have been locking up. Started to do it only when the Nav lights where turned on. Within 3 mins. Then starteded to do it with them off. My local dealer has been helpful. Updated the software. Was going to fright the screen to MC to do something with it. MC logged into it remotely. But still doing it. Any ideas on how to fix it or where to start looking. Tried there test screen but it hasn't been configured for my boat so couldn't see a lot of the stuff. Any help would be greatly appreciated

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    I had this exact same issue on a 2012 X14V, and it comes down to tracing all of your grounds and making sure that everything is where it should be. In my case, it also started with the Nav lights, and I had my dealer trace and reconnect ground connections until this issue was resolved. Good luck.


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      Did the dealer replace all the terminals on the cables or just clean them? I have cleaned just about every terminal I think. Did you do the active ones too? Did you need to replace the screen at? Was there one area that it was narrowed down too? It's doing my head in and I think my dealer is getting sick of me calling. Did yours play up with the lights off after a bit?


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        Yes, I had the same problem with the nav lights turning on and then the screen locking up. Oddly I also noticed that if I dim the screen at all this would get dramatically worse and if I put the screen on full brightness that the problem became much more rare. I did have my dealer actually put new ends on several of the leads though and this problem became resolved about 90% of the time. Good luck.