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Electric hatch on Maristar issue

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  • Electric hatch on Maristar issue

    I've been trying to diagnose an electrical issue with my boat(no voltage on wiring leaving motor area towards dash).
    My question is: Is it possible for me to connect my 'hatch' toggle type switch direct to a battery and bypass the dash area to allow me to open the hatch?
    I've found the wiring connector near the switch and pulled it apart....put a ground wire clip to the ground terminal and a positive wire clip to the red(assumed switch leg) and did not get any results with the hatch. Would I need power to the yellow wire as well to make this work?

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    Attached is a diagram as to were you should "jumper" the positive and the negtive to get the hatch some power. You should be able to apply Pos(+) to the RED wire going to the actuator and Neg(-) to the yellow to get it to raise do this with the switch in the middle position.
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    99 MariStar 230 Sport LTR 330


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      Thank you very much for this diagram. I will try this soon. Thanks again!