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Red Jumper on Circuit Breaker bus 87 ps190

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  • Red Jumper on Circuit Breaker bus 87 ps190

    I have been chasing a 2.5 V voltage drop at coil with ignition in RUN so I am trying to map wires and read many posts but do not see any discussion on this topic.
    I have seen 2 pics in these forums related to different issues that show a red jumper wire from orange (alternator) to red (battery). However my '87 does not have this. Battery seems to charge fine, though I don't know how that is working without jumper.
    I have seen other's post wiring diagrams that shows a connection between the red and orange at some point. Seems like the jumper is that connection.

    Don't know that it's relevant but I have one of the few boats that had clip-on cap for Prestolite Dist.

    Pic is from another thread; my bus bar has no red jumper.
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