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2005 xstar mcx ignition module failing

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  • 2005 xstar mcx ignition module failing

    Hi folks,

    Been working through issues.

    Key switch failed, replaced.

    Fuel pump, low growl, replaced.

    No spark, replaced ICM, advanced auto parts. Started up a few times over a couple of days. Ran good.

    Now, no start, no spark. Ugh!

    What would make the ICM fail?

    No, it’s not the lanyard or throttle position switch.

    Coil? Relay?

    Could I have messed something up in the key switch?

    IGN circuit breaker in. 50 amp - can’t find.

    Fuel pump does it’s 2 second run.

    HELP please

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    Similar issue popped up today on my 2008 X-14 mcx. Worked absolutely flawless all last week on vacation, back in the water today, turn key, all gauges come up as usual, blower works, but no initial “beep” and no sound of system charging for ignition. Turn the key to absolutely nothing. Replaced battery and same thing, turn key, nothing. Don’t know where to start chasing this down? Any help would be GREATLY appreciated!


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      If you replaced the ICM it may be the connector for the pickup coil. It is the little one that plugs into the ICM inside the distributor. Of course it could also be the pickup coil. The coil(spark) is easy enough to test with a meter so go ahead and test it to eliminate that.
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