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Battery: Can I change battery group size?

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  • Battery: Can I change battery group size?

    It's time to replace my battery and was looking at the CCAs and deep cycle ratings, and considering going up to a group size 31 battery (from a group size 24) on my '04 X-30.

    I can't seem to find anything that tells me what, if any, disadvantages it will have? Any thoughts?

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    If you have room for it, go for it. No penalty other than size and weight.


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      Size and weight come to mind. Also if you're putting such a demand on the battery that you need to step the first step could be dual batteries. The next would be an upgrade to the charging system to keep up with your power consumption. All this of course would require stepping up the gauge of the cable for the charging system as well.

      So it really depends on why you feel the need to go to a larger size and what you plan to accomplish doing so. Changing just one component can lead to unexpected results. It's important to have a balance system from end to end.


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        Yeah, only reason I was considering upgrading was just more CCA. Not having any electrical issue to speak of. You bring up some good points....basically, don't fix what ain't broken