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'94 Maristar 5.7l EFI ECU/ECM

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  • '94 Maristar 5.7l EFI ECU/ECM

    At the end of last summer by '94 Maristar 225 VRS left me stranded in the water. Fuel pump was not functioning properly. My Maristar has the 5.7l 350 EFI. I wired the fuel pump directly to the battery and it worked fine. I reattached the ground and ran power directly to the battery and it worked fine. I checked for continuity from the fuel pump to the relay and I had continuity. I checked continuity from the relay to the ECU and had continuity. It looks like I'm going to have to spend the money on a new ECU. If anyone has wisdom on this topic I'd love to hear it. Also, if anyone knows where I can purchase a new ECU/ECM for this engine please let me know! Thanks in advance

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    What's the ecm have to do with this? Have you checked for voltage at the relay from the ECM?


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      And to be clear - continuity should be found on that wire, but the better test is to remove the relay and connect a test light or VM to the #85 connection in the fuel pump relay connector and then a ground. When ignition turned on that should cycle on for 2 seconds - so long as the fuel is good but I'd accept the continuity test you performed as proof of that.