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    Greetings - I'm having fun bringing our new-to-us 1995 Prostar 205 back to life.

    Have an question on the voltage gauge - Can't say I remember if it worked properly before, but after an experiment in reversing the battery leads and frying a few wires and the alternator (btw, I highly recommend paying more attention than I did and don't do this), I took out for a quick trip on the lake and the voltage gauge read about 10V. Back to the dock before the battery died and tried it again with a volt meter. Good news - the battery tested out perfect (12.4V while off and just at 14V while running).

    So here is the question - why is the gauge reading 10V when I'm testing out at 14V at the battery? Can it be calibrated? Is there a sensor somewhere that has gone bad? Or is it just like everything else on this boat that likes screwing with my head?

    Also, temperature gauge shows 0 all the time. I grounded the lead and the gauge pegged out max - SO....need a new sensor? I tried to pull out and it was as stuck as could be. Do this things just thread in? Assume they are right hand threads? Just don't want to break anything delicate in the process. Also, any way to know what I need as a replacement without the old one out? The boat lives about 1.5 hrs away from me, so I would like to be there with the right one next time we go out.

    Thanks again for all your help!

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    I came across this thread a few weeks ago.
    It might help.

    Good Luck!


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      You may want to install a known dead battery with low volts and then see if the gauge shows lower voltage ... is the range the same. Then you would know it is not the meter and probably what the guys in the above link were talking about.

      I just installed a cheepo one in my glove box that has 2 USB plugs as my dash one has condensation issues.


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        Thanks Jack....I'll have to tear the gauges apart and see what is in there. Makes sense to have a big drop across everything.