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X-Star Turns Over But Won't Start

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  • X-Star Turns Over But Won't Start

    I have a problem with my 02 X-Star... It turns over but won't start.

    Yesterday, I took the boat out and it was running fine all day until I cut it off the last time to hang out a few minutes before heading in. When I went to fire it back up, it just kept turning over, but wouldn't start. I thought it might be the ignition module because it has gone out on me before and done the same thing. I had a spare at home and changed it out myself... Not the problem. Cap and rotor look fine as well. I also checked the safety lanyard, and it is on tight as well. I guess there could be a possibility that it isn't getting fuel.

    Any ideas? I would really appreciate any advice anyone could give.


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    Check the kill switch. A buddy of mine helped me clean the boat one day and took the kill switch out. The next time I used the boat, it wouldn't start. It took me 2 hours to figure out that it was that easy.


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      Open the motor cover, turn the key ON and listen to a 2 second buzzing sound. If you don't hear anything, look for the Fuel Pump fuse. If that's OK, make sure the plug on the pump is in place. If that's tight, go to the rear of the motor and look for the ground point for the various ground wires, making sure they're tight and in place. Wiggle them and if any come off, that's probably the cause.

      If none of this is the cause, let us know which motor you have- that will determine how the ECM gets its RPM input, which is one way that you can have a 'crank but no fire' situation.


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        Hook up a fuel pressure gauge and turn the key to make sure that you are getting fuel to the injectors. Also, it should hold pressure after the fuel pump shuts off after the 2 sec. pressurization that Jim mentioned. Also, have you tried starting it since the initial problem?
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          Thanks for the suggestions... I will give them a try tomorrow night after work. It is 310 HP TBI.


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            Forgive me, but I am kind of a novice when it comes to mechanics. Where exactly is the fuel pump and the fuse located, and what does the pump look like? I think that may be the problem. The only buzzing that I can remember hearing was the guages on the dash turning on.


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              the fuel pump is actually mounted on top of the fuel tank ... there is a schrader valve on the fuel rail of your engine ... get a rag and put it over the valve, depress the valve and see if you have any fuel that comes out ... if no fuel comes out you have zero pressure, if a bit comes out then you will want to use a guage and screw it onto the valve

              I know the fuel pump is on top of the tank on 04's to present, someone correct me if the 02's have a different setup.
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                check out this thead ...

                At least you know one person who collected from the Cash Rewards program