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2005 INDMAR L18 air filter

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  • 2005 INDMAR L18 air filter

    i have a 2005 INDMAR L18 engine in a x-45 and was wondering if any of you know where i could get a new air filter for that type of engine or if i need to go through mastercraft to purchase one.. it looks like it needs to be changed that is why i was wondering

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    Post a pic if you can. I am thinking it probably has a CLEAN-ABLE air filter element. Some one who knows could probably verify for sure. If it says K&N on the filter then it definetly could be cleaned. Just pick up a kit from your local parts store. Don't let the wife catch you cleaning it in her kitchen sink. There was H-E-double hockey sticks to pay in my house...
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      JLeuck64 is correct - assuming you have the stock L-18 K&N filter on the engine. You can tell because the top of the filter will have chrome polished plate on it that reads K&N. The filter section is cleanable with the K&N filter cleaner avialable in any auto parts store.
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