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Fuel pump aftermarket part numbers

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  • jpmaristar
    Guest replied
    Pump replacement

    I would like to thank you and others for the work you have done to work around the MC fuel pump issue. I feel we should also post the engine year and model along with the pump removed to verify compatibility with the Delco EP356 and other brands at the 56 psi output.
    Mine is a 2000 Maristar 330 LTR with a Carter 323 2H22B or 8 pump.

    I talked to Federal Mogul and was told the pump is a MC design and they build it only for MC. He would not give any specifics of the pump IE (output pressure).

    Is the EP356 or equivalent pump adequate for this motor? I would appreciate any input. Thanks.

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  • rhsprostar
    started a topic Fuel pump aftermarket part numbers

    Fuel pump aftermarket part numbers

    After a bit of research i replaced the pump on my fuel module with an aftermarket one from NAPA. Here is the part I used and a few others that other people have used to avoid having to replace the whole module.
    Fuel pumps:
    NAPA E2065 45 GPH 90-95 psi. (Canadian NAPA part number)
    ACDelco ep356
    Advance Auto Parts E2044

    Unfortunately US and Canadian NAPA parts have different part numbers if you can believe it. I don't now what that NAPA part crosses to in US NAPA.

    This is for information purposes only. Please use these parts and info at your own risk.