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Raw Water Pump Removal @#$&%?!!!

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  • Raw Water Pump Removal @#$&%?!!!

    I scoured the internet for a solution to get this darn thing removed. The only thing I found was comments on how much of a pain in the *** it is. So I post this for any unhappy traveler that does a similar search and can learn from my mistakes and my final solution....which may be imperfect.

    A couple of things.
    • This may have not be so much of an issue on a direct drive but in the case of a v drive access and leverage points are limited.
    • The pump is cast steel the pully is aluminum and the interface between the 2 should be measured in sub millimeters or angstroms
      • galvanic reaction and rust play a part here
    • If corroded I am of the opinion that leveraging it is an impossibility because its such a tight fit
      • Plus your leverage point is a balanced aluminum crank pully and I worried about deforming it
    • What I tried
      • With out any obvious solutions I did pry on the pump enough that it pulled out the the pressed in shaft. the base did not budge
      • I tried tapping it back and forth and actually got it to move a bit but not out.
      • I tried wd-40 and other penetrating lubricants
      • I tried heat.... which is not referable in a tight space and somewhat dangerous as you are laying on the motor to gain access
      • With the shaft out it gave me an option with a puller I drilled 2 holes in the base so I could hook the puller arms in and torque away.... it just bent the hell out of the arms and did not budge.
    • What worked
      • I eventually drilled 2 more holes threaded all 4 and then going back and forth slowly tightened the bolts until it popped out. and it came out fighting
      • when and if my pump gets welded on and penetrating oil and careful leverage don't work will just jump to the following
        • Cut the shaft
        • Drill and tap 4 holes and methodically tighten the bolts against the crank pully (I am glad I went with 4... the the base is cast and not hardened steel and I was worried about stripping the threads. Which I think it would have done- at least as stuck as mine was.
        • This can all be done with out removing the muffler and there is enough access to drill tap, etc...

    Lastly I am sorry you are going through this.

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    I would have given it the old school method first loosen the bolts and run the engine a little. The pulses from engine running will sometimes free them up. This is how we would loosen stuck tractor rims loosen the lug’s and drive them around a little.
    just my $.02 glade to see you got it off.
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