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Sea water strainer or not....

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  • Sea water strainer or not....

    For 30 years my 190 has been without a sea water strainer. I've had no issues. I do make sure the trans cooler holes are patent a few times a year. Engine has run at the same temp for 30 years. Space is limited to install one on a 190. So, save my money or put one on? Something else to leak? Thoughts?

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    Only needed if you are on a lake with a lot of duck weed or other vegetation. As you said, your boat has gone without it for 30 years with no issue.


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      As long as you are checking the trans cooler screen and your lakes are not heavy with weeds or algae, you should be fine.


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        Thank you. Agreed. It is a nice item otherwise.


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          Mounting one is another challenge so it is easily accessible. A 93 190 is tight. Then what one to buy. The Indmar is the smallest. The shur flo is bigger and the Sherwood is as big.


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            My ‘92 came with one (basis Sherwood unit) added by an MC dealer, it was used on a lake w/ weeds. I don’t have weeds and replaced it with a shutoff valve and included a hosebib so I could either add antifreeze or test run off of a hose. It was located in the same approximate location as the aforementioned valves. I feel safer know I can shut off the raw water supply should I have a hose rupture or leak while on the water.
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              That is peace of mind having a valve. I should at least do that because I decided a strainer is so so. I love engine pics. One thing I did early on was to put a piece of PVC about a foot long in my blower hose where it goes under the starter. That plate on the starter has and edge and was always wearing thru my hose. Since I went to 3 inch sewer line for RV's. Stronger then the thin plastic normal vent hose. They are amazing engines when 30 years down the road they run and run well.


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                Originally posted by d2jp View Post
                My ‘92 ..
                I like the Red Jacket cables.


                93 190
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