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Bringing back a 220 CSX to life. Help with fuel filter/pump

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  • Bringing back a 220 CSX to life. Help with fuel filter/pump

    Ok. Four years ago I was in Hawaii boating at least 3 times a week on my 08 CSX 220, then I got orders to Japan. I didn’t want to sell so the military stored it for 3.5 years and when we moved to Anchorage Alaska they moved it up here. So I’m trying to bring back a 5.7 MPI Crusader that hasn’t been ran in 4 years.

    the engine turns over and starts with starting fluid and will continue to run as long as starting fluid is sprayed. If you stop it will sputter and die after about 20 seconds.

    I don’t think I hear the fuel pump turn on when I turn the key initially, so that’s my number one suspect. I also have replacement fuel filters to put in as well. Here’s the problem I have re-searched online, looked up manuals, and crawled all through the engine, and I can’t find where crusader put the fuel control cell.
    According to the diagrams attached it should be an easy to find on the outside of the engine. , according to the diagrams attached, it should be a easy to find on the outside of the engine but like I said, I’ve been all over it at least a dozen times.

    Any help finding the fuel control cell, or general tips for bringing back a boat that has been out of service this long, picture it is will be greatly appreciated. I’d love to be fishing and boarding behind it up here in Alaska in a few weeks.

    2007 CSX 220.

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    How about following the fuel lines from the fuel rail?