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Help! DIY transmission seal change on '00 xstar(205v)

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  • Help! DIY transmission seal change on '00 xstar(205v)

    has anyone changed the rear seal on the transmission (HSW 630V1 - 1.55) of their 205v? the local dealer quoted me at $1200 to do it. i'd really prefer to do it myself if it's possible. anyone have any guidance for me? i believe i heard that it's possible to change it without pulling the engine. i've already got the rear seat removed. what's next?
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    call jim jackson at viper customs he should be able to help you out, with the install and ordering your parts as well . His number is 865-388-4096 give him a call and pick his brain Also if you dont already have the parts he is usually cheaper than anyone else if you tell him you saw it on this site you should get a discount . Hope this helps


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      thanks, i'll be giving him a call tomorrow probably.

      here are some pics of the tranny if anyone can point me to which area i should start on.
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      Smokey, this is not 'Nam. This is bowling. There are rules.


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        just thought i'd provide an update on this incase anyone else runs into this problem (which i have heard is common with these boats). this is just a real general overview of what needs to be done. with the right tools it could probably be done in about 5 hours of work.
        *first, you need to remove the rear seat, the ski pylon, as well as all of the electric connections, tranny cable connections, and hose fittings. also, drain the transmission of any fluid that remains in it.
        *secondly, you need to remove the shaft from the boat. this requires removing the four bolts, and the shaft nut shown in the first picture.
        *third, you need to raise the rear side of the engine/transmission (bow side). to do this you just need to remove the bolts from the mounts that hold the tranny to the boat. you do not need to remove the mounts from the transmission...just remove them from the two bolts that hold the mount to the boat. you will also need to loosen the rear mounts. these are the two bolts that lay parrallel to the hull of the boat. do not remove or loosen any of the boats that attach the mount to the boat. no you are set to raise the transmission. we used a little 4 ton hand jack. you will need a lot of small pieces of wood to support it once it's up. in the end you need to have the wood only under the engine.
        *fourth, you need to remove the six bolts that hold the transmission to the engine (this is not the really big bell's the next one towards the boat.
        *fifth, you need to remove the old engine side seal from the transmission.
        *sixth, you will most likely want to put in a Speedy Sleeve
        *seventh, install the new seal
        *then re-install the tranny and lower the engine back down.
        *next, re-install the shaft. make sure it is in proper alignment.
        *now, double check that everything is connected and put some tranny fluid or 15W-40 oil into the transmission.
        *lastly, celebrate with a cold one!
        Smokey, this is not 'Nam. This is bowling. There are rules.