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manifolds or risers. which one plugs up first

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  • manifolds or risers. which one plugs up first

    hey guys had my boat out again this week 1988 351 i decided to try the 160 t-stat and at idle it would start to get hot .i even heard an alarm if i was not mistaken ,i didn't even no there was an alarm ,is there one? ,anyways i will be going back to the 142 t-stat i guess .

    i decided to crack open the risers. they where quite corroded . i cleaned them the best i can .but they are looking quite plugged up at the exhaust end. will hot tanking clean these up. and if these are plugged up will my manifolds be plugged up also . they don't look that bad at all. it seems to me that all the crap would get pushed through the manifolds and into the risers lodging at the exit port. i was able to ram a small rod up the riser and dislodge a ton of rust and crap . they don't look all that bad now .maybe i can get by with these till next summer .i am running out of cash i just replaced a ton of stuff. this will be the last fix on my list other than a buff and polish .

    how to tell when you need to replace the manifolds and risers .or can you just replace the risers . i have no leaks as it is now just not much water drippling out the mufflers when the fake-a-lake is on . it just heats up and blows steam. it used to flow through .when i rev it up a bit it will spit some water but not much . i would think it should be flowing right through.

    it does stay at temp when at cruising speed and above. just gets warm when idling.


    1988 mastercraft tristar (open bow).