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Prop shaft housing needs re-seal

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  • Prop shaft housing needs re-seal

    I recently replaced a bad prop and now have a leak from the vibration caused by the bad prop. The leak is around the fiberglass cover of the prop shaft housing. I removed the fiberglass and see that the housing needs to be re-sealed/glued. I'm looking for advice on this job from the MasterCraft crowd.
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    Is it leaking where the hose connects to the fiberglass shaft log or is it leaking at the nut on the shaft or is it actually leaking around the fiberglass in the hull of the boat? If it's the nut you just need to repack the stuffing box

    If it's leaking around the hose it needs replaced.

    If it's leaking around the fiberglass in the hull, maybe you could seal it with 3m 5200. I will let others chime in here as fibergalss repair is not my expertise...


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      It's leaking around the shaft log over the shaft going through the hull. I'm going to call SKIDIM today and see what they recommend for a sealant. I saw some at West Marine the other day, but was unable to get some assistance from their expert.


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        My boat has been taking on water, even after installing new GFO packing. I trailered the boat and filled the bilge with water and found water seeping from the shaft opening under the hull. It wasn't running down the shaft like it might if it were the shaft log seal or packing, and peering up inside there as best I could it looked like water oozing from between two layers of fiberglass which I believe is the shaft log housing to hull joint.
        I will probably wait until fall/winter to fix this but I would think using 3M 5200 for the bond between the shaft log housing and hull and fitting would work well. After this dries, which, with 5200 could take DAYS, I would then add a layer of glass and resin and the possibly a top coat of resin.
        I'll be following this to see what you find!
        Good luck!