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08' X45 won't start!

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  • 08' X45 won't start!

    A friend of mine borrowed it last weekend and accidentally ran it completely out of gas. I'm not sure if that is playing a part in this issue, but ever since then it will not start. I've put plenty of gas in the boat, and when its cold it will start and run for about 10 seconds but will just die out. When I try to start it back up it will just keep turning over but won't start. Any thoughts?

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    Fuel pump. Where are you in the NW? With key on, check fuel pressure at the rail.


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      The boat is on my dock. I live on lake Washington. How do I check fuel pressure?


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        Fuel pressure tester. pick one up at auto parts store. Look for schrader valve on the fuel rail. plug the fuel pressure tester into the valve, turn the key on and see if you get any PSI. Even crank her over. Search fuel pump replacement on here for fix. Classic fuel pump symptoms, running boat out of gas is a killer on these pumps...
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          Keep in mind too the fuel pump uses fuel too cool the pump. I would suggest not going under 1/4 tank. Running them low you risk burning the pump out.

          I agree with the above, its not a hard job to change out. Just takes a little time, can be done on the lift if needed. I have done my x15. with being careful was done in less than 1.5 hours.



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            No doubt, the fuel pump is toast!
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              Another vote for fuel pump. Been there, done that.


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                My vote is to never let your friends use your boat... Haha

                Yeah it's the fuel pump, easy but $$

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                  I just replaced mine last week. Last year I had "unexplained" stalling when idleing thru no wake zones. I had also run out of gas ( malfunctioning gas gauge...also replaced ) and the stalling problem started up shortly after that. After much reading on this forum, I spent the $50.00 on a new AC Delco pump and changed her out. Took about 1 1/2 hours to complete. I just took out my boat yesterday and she ran flawlessly! Nice crisp throttle responce, and no stalling when idleing....all good stuff!!! I agree with above, I would at least start with a new pump.