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    hi everyone. Newbie to tt and forums in general. Thanks in advance for your patience. I am looking for advice on locating, and replacing the fuel filters (and water seperator?) on my 1999 ps 190 with the lt1 eengine. The filter at the motor end connects on engine side to a metal fuel line and on fuel cell side to a rubber line. Does anyone have a part # advice on the re/re ? I have pulled the panels off the rear storage to expose the fuel cell and all i could see at first glance was a metal part that looked like an old school breather cap for a valve cover. Anyone have advice and part #s would be much appreciated. The dealer in my area won't give me any help. I assume because my boat isn't new or worth alot.
    Thanks for any help.
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    check I'm assuming you have an early 1999 with the fuel filter not in the tank. The fuel/water seperator on my lt-1 is underneath the front of the engine but mine is a '93 so location may be different for you. Either way, skidim has the parts. I think your fuel filter is item# 0509 but you would need a fitting on one side to accept the rubber hose.