We have a 1994 Prostar 205 with LT-1 engine. Every so often, our boat decides to play games with us. It's been doing this for several years. It happened before we replaced our fuel pump 2 or 3 years ago, (which was also causing other issues) and it continues sporadically today. We can go weeks without an issue, then this problem will happen once, then we go for weeks with no issue again.

I will be idling in the water for a minute or two, waiting for the skier to get ready. I put the boat in gear, then they yell "go boat" and I push down on the throttle. It starts to take off for about a second, then cuts out like it went into limp mode - the power just cuts out. I can put it back into neutral, try again....same problem. So I either shut the motor off or leave it running and wait 30 seconds, try again and everything is fine. Once the skier is up, no issues with it running. It's only at take off. The boat ran just fine on Memorial day weekend for our show, so not sure why it pulled this on Saturday.

A few years ago, we found what looked like a large bug floating in our gas tank, so we dumped all the gas, removed the bug and things seem to work ok for quite some time.

I have had this problem pulling a pyramid off the dock (they are never happy when THAT happens...imagine 8 skiers/climbers all falling instantly). It happened once this weekend while pulling a sit skier and 2 side skiers. A few years ago, it happened while pulling a wakeboarder. He fell, I went back to pull him again and the boat wouldn't take off. It took a few attempts and finally I was able to take off.

Any tips to resolve this pesky little issue?