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Throttle not going past half way

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  • Throttle not going past half way

    Replaced fuel pump thanks to the Fuel Pump 101 thread. After replacing, idled around the cove to see if new pump was working and checked for leaks. All was great, took it out of the cove and accelerated. Throttle will push passed half way but engine RPM's will not go past 3200. After a few attempts did push throttle to WOT and got the engine to run up to 4000 RPM's but it would reduce back to 3200 RPM. Would slowly pull throttle back from WOT and engine would rev to 4000 rpm but would immediately jump to 3200, and will do this several times until throttle is about halfway. From half way to idle seems to function as intended. I've searched these threads and came upon one concerning Throttle Position Sensor (TPS) but the author didn't describe his issues so not sure if it's the TPS or not. Any help is appreciated.

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    Just wonder... DO you have PerfectPass...could be ON WITH RPMS SET AT 3200 rpm...YOU WOULD BE ABEL TO HIT 4000 RPMS, perfect would take over and reduce rpms back to 3200..just a thought.


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      That was my thought too.

      I had a similar situation with my 2009 X2. Although I didn't think PP was activated, I couldn't get the boat to exceed 2000 rpm. I solved the problem by resetting the PP.
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        My first ride after delivery , I had the same issue , would not go over 10 mph , p/p was on , it was working great , just didn't know it.


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          Didn't think about PP being on, as PP should be turned off, especially after batteries were unhooked while replacing the fuel pump. But I will check this weekend. Thanks guys.


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            check the throttle position sensor..
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              After a weekend of nothing but rain and another weekend of motocross racing, got the boat out and sure enough PP was turned on. My 7 year old admitted to pushing buttons when I was working the boat. Simple things can cause so much worry. Thank you all for your comments. Much appreciated.