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1982 MC Engine Question

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  • 1982 MC Engine Question

    I'm looking at a 1982 S&S with a 440 Chrysler and wondering if it would have wood stringers? I've heard that 83 was the first year for fiberglass, but I'm not exactly sure. If so, are the wood stringers a pain? Is it possible to convert it to fiberglass with the help of a fiberglass body man? Also, what year was the last year for the wood floors? Thanks for the help!
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    Mid 83 was when glass stringers started. The 82 will be wood. Use search here to find more info. My 83 is glass.


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      Do a search on stringers replacement , several people on here replaced their stringers , most replace with wood but I think a couple replaced with glass . Also remember , there are older S&S boats with their original stringers that are in good condition . If the boat that you are looking at was left outside uncovered with the plug in so water could not drain or left in the water most of its life there is a good chance it may need stringers or will need them soon . But on the other hand , if the boat 's plug was removed so water could drain and the boat was kept dry under a shelter after each use there is a good chance you could get many years of use before replacing the stringers .


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        Thank you both for the info! That's kind of what I figured on the years based off of what I heard. I'll definitely be checking them, if I decide to go for it. So, would it be better to go a different route instead of wood?


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          There is nothing wrong with wood stringers at all.... I think a lot of people get scared of them. If the boat was cared for and not left outside or in the water uncovered for 30 years then you will have no issues whatsoever. Boats today are still being made with wood floors and stringers. Those old ones were pretty stout and the floors and stringers are easy to do it you have the time to do it right.

          I would inspect around the engine mount area.. drill a few small pilot holes and look for wet wood.... Check motor mount bolts and see if they are still tight or if you can still tighten them up...